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What are you being given?

In years like this – of cancellations and deferrals, of plans falling apart – it’s natural to focus on how you’ve been thwarted and what you’ve missed out on.

Those are fine and necessary things to notice, but you’ll do well to ask some questions in parallel. I ask them through a lens of faith, but you can frame them however helps. They are:

  • What is God giving me in this new situation, that I might not have had (or had but not really received) in the old one?
  • What – big or small – might God be sparing me from in this alternative future?
  • In the hard things – how is God shaping me? How will this help me learn and grow? What do I see now that I didn’t see before? What new things have become possible, and which ones will I take hold of?

And lastly, very importantly:

  • In this unexpected and perhaps unwished for space, what matters – and how can I be of service?

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