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Vision – See the Future

You have a gift: you can see the future. It’s easy to forget it, but you can.

Or more accurately, we see futures, plural. Some that happen, some that don’t.

That coffee cup is going to get knocked over.

There’s a car coming.

All the time we see futures that might or might not be, and we choose one, or at least choose to make one more likely. We move a cup. We stop walking.

So much for physics and probability.

You have another gift, another type of vision: the ability to see what could be, or should be, from a long way off.

Can you see what’s good? Do you know it when you see it? How can you learn to see it more clearly? Can you strengthen it?

Harder: can you see the good-shaped hole right in front of you? Will you fill it?

Harder still: can you move the coffee cups, can you plant the right seeds in the right places to fill holes-as-yet-unformed – or better yet, to stop them forming in the first place?

It’s a moving target, but if we’re looking at the right things and looking for the right things –┬áif we have good vision – we can start to choose a future.

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