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In the frame / boxing clever

We always live with constraints:

  • A bad boss (perhaps the world’s worst);
  • A stifling bureaucracy;
  • A chaotic lack of structure;
  • Incompetent managers;
  • Bungling colleagues;
  • Crippling technical debt on key products;
  • An overwhelming to do list;
  • Limited time or energy;
  • Poor quality tools;
  • A team that’s too small;
  • A team that’s too big;
  • A shortage of champions for your work and your cause.
  • A global pandemic.

Most of these constraints respond to action – you can think outside the box, apply pressure and shift boundaries, or choose to leave the box all together.

At the moment, though, most of us are boxed in by forces completely beyond our control.

So what do we do now?

First, it’s probably worth spending some time making the box as functional and comfortable as possible.

Apart from that, the best thing you can probably do is Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Box.

They say that the constraints of the medium and the framing are what makes art possible.

The constraints are clear. What will you do within them?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...