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First to the top (more wrapper than race)

Is the first kid to the top of the climbing frame the fastest climber, or just the kid who’s…

  • Come to the park
  • Involved in the conversation
  • The first one to realise there’s a game on
  • Interested in playing
  • Standing a bit closer to the climbing frame
  • Prepared to run and climb with the wood-chip in their shoe or down their neck rather than stopping to sort it out while they shout “I’m not ready!”
  • Climbed the frame before and knows the easiest way up
  • Worn the right shoes
  • Steered the group to the climbing frame today because they lost yesterday and wanted another go.

So many variables that can be influenced; so many that are sheer luck; so few of them to do with being the fastest climber.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...