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Moneyfesto; or, the Monetization* of DriverlessCrocodile

*(With apologies to readers in Britain for that horrifying z)

Image: DriverlessCroc x Stable Diffusion

Only when the last crocodile has been skinned will you realise that you are being eaten by your wallets.

Gold Standard

The blogs I like best have no ads: no external ads embedded, no popups selling exclusive courses and no interruptions reminding readers that we might like to support quality writing and liberal democracy via Patreon.**

In short: your eyeballs shouldn’t be for sale, and you shouldn’t be interrupted as you browse. Both of these things undermine the experience of reading and create some messed up incentives for writers (playing SEO games vs writing good stuff).

That said, I don’t mind:

  • Information at the bottom of posts about related content (including paid content), or where people can give if they want to support the site
  • Separate links to ‘Support’ or ‘Courses’ etc in menus
  • Subtle (but clearly labelled) affiliate links

Who Pays?

While I would be delighted to earn income from Driverlesscroc, that’s not what it’s for. It’s for me, for fun and for thinking and to generate interesting conversations… and if you like this sort of thing and find it helpful, it’s certainly for you – and it’s on me.

I don’t feel I have a right to expect an income from my hobby, in the same way that no-one pays me to surf or to run.

That said…


If you find yourself among those who do want to support this kind of thing, the way is this:

  • Visit the (forthcoming) Books page and use an affiliate link to purchase a recommended book that you like the look of on Amazon
  • Click on any affiliate link [amazon] and buy whatever you were going to buy anyway, and perhaps a new phone

Alternatively, buy me a coffee here.

That’s it!

Thanks for coming.


** I got rid of the ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ widget after a while because I felt that it violated this principle.***

***And also because it generated exactly zero income.

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