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Mission statement example: Airbnb mission statement and values

Here’s great mission statement from Airbnb.

Our Mission: Create a world where anyone can belong anywhere

It’s an audacious, incredibly rewarding mission that our increasingly diverse team is dedicated to achieving.

Airbnb is built around the idea that everyone should be able to take the perfect trip, including where they stay, what they do, and who they meet. To that end, we empower millions of people around the world to use their spaces, passions, and talents to become entrepreneurs.


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This is a combination of what I’ve called vision (“Create a world where…” – it’s very broad), transitioning to mission (but still at quite a high level) in the last sentence (To that end, we empower millions of people to…).

My idea of a mission statement would have a bit more about how they do this… but only one out of me and airbnb are an enormous company loved and used by millions of people, so I’m not going to nitpick.

Airbnb Values

For reference.

Champion the Mission

We’re united with our community to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere.

Be a Host

We’re caring, open and encouraging to everyone we work with.

Embrace the Adventure

We’re driven by curiosity, optimism, and the belief that every person can grow.

Be a Cereal* Entrepreneur

We’re determined and creative in transforming our bold ambitions into reality.


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