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Delay? Repay

On a GreaterAnglia train service delayed by lightning damage to signalling equipment, the following announcement:

“Because this service has been delayed by longer than fifteen minutes, you are entitled to a partial refund. You can claim this using the Delay Repay form on our website.”

The relevant page was easy to find. The form worked. The refund (I trust) will be forthcoming.

Compensating customers for your failures – even those beyond your control – is a way of demonstrating responsibility and integrity. It earns the trust of your users.

Reminding users of their rights – and making it easy to obtain them – earns their affection.

Make sure that your terms of service are reasonable and clear. Own up when you fail to meet them. Share information early. Apologise quickly. Make the route to compensation clear.

1 thought on “Delay? Repay”

  1. Yes, Stu, good luck with that. British Rail still owes me 64 pounds for a train they decided to cancel in 2009. I have stopped trying to collect. A good face is only the beginning. Real compensation is real compensation.

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