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Grace and mistakes

I’m a big believer in grace and second (and third) chances; I wouldn’t, couldn’t live without them.

In the absence of enough information to make an unambiguously correct decision (for example, in a disciplinary matter) I think it’s better to make a mistake on the side of generosity, kindness and benefit of the doubt rather than than to make the mistake of being too judgemental, harsh or stingy.

But there’s a risk here too, particularly if this way of thinking aligns with your  natural temperament. It’s worth double-checking that, for example, you’re extending real grace to a struggling team member rather than using it as a way of letting yourself off the hook for your own poor management.

Is there work you could have done to avoid or resolve the ambiguity? Have you neglected the hard work of helping someone to do their work better? Are you hiding from a difficult decision with a “kindness” that causes problems for others?

Am you being gracious – or just sloppy?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...