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Why it’s worth paying for Zoom Pro

Zoom Pro is currently US$150 / £120 a year on an annual plan. If you’re like me – inclined to look at the cost of software before thinking about its value – that might sound like a lot of money.

But even if we leave aside Zoom’s many good features and the value of whatever it is you do on zoom, Zoom pro is worth it purely on the basis of the costs it saves you:

  • Time – Allow a conservative half an hour of travel in each direction for a local meeting, and you’ve saved at least one hour’s worth of whatever you value your time at, presumably some multiple of $15/£10.
  • Expenses – The cost of the drive or public transport each way (the UK standard is 45 pence per mile = £9 for a ten mile journey each way).
  • Incidentals – Do you meet over coffee? Do you eat out? Do you buy something you otherwise wouldn’t have? Could easily be another tenner.


Even if you’re focused on cost – even if you factor out the value of the actual meetings and work that you do over zoom – you’re up on an annual subscription after one meeting per month. It’s astonishing value, and it’s a sign of the amazing times we live in that it’s a) relatively so cheap b) despite this, we expect it to be free.

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