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Nothing precious (tools for the job)

Of course you want good quality tools.

Definitely not the cheapest available. (These usually get in your way.)

Probably not the most expensive. (These usually take you out of the 80/20 performance/price sweet-spot.)

You want things that are highly functional: free from frills (or bells, or whistles) but still designed and executed in such a way that it they give you a little lift when you use them.

You want – this is important – nothing precious.

No leather-bound notebooks unless you buy ten upfront as a demonstration of your commitment to filling them and moving on.

No over-reverenced fancy pens that clog from lack of use or end up being awkward to refill or go scratchy.

Things that either won’t wear out or are a little bit (whisper it) disposable, so that you use them up fearlessly.

In short, get The Right Tools For The Job.

Then – what are you standing around here for? – crack on.

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