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How to Make an NFT in less than an hour

  1. If you don’t trust metamask with what happens in your browser, (I wasn’t sure) install a browser you won’t use for other stuff (Edge? Brave?).
  2. Add metamask brower extension from
  3. Go to OpenSea and connect your metamask wallet.
  4. Add an email address and profile picture
  5. Click “Create” and follow the steps to create an NFT. I made one limited edition of 50 based on the Polgyon blockchain, and a limited edition of 1 based on Ethereum.
  6. Set prices for immediate sale, or let the bids roll in.

It’s really easy. Clearly, making the NFT itself isn’t the hard part. The real question is whether you can get anyone excited about what you’ve made.


If you’re the kind of person that buys NFTs, why not by one for your nearest or dearest?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...