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Dovetailed: Seth Godin on good tools on cool tools

You can get a router that will make a perfect dovetail every time, and my question is, why would you bother? Because the whole point of a dovetail is that you made it by hand. So one of the other things that goes with that for me is the magic of tools that do the job elegantly but without overkill. So I have this thing called a fretsaw, which is other thing you need to cut a dovetail, and you can buy a cheap, not very good fretsaw on Amazon for thirty bucks, or you buy the best fretsaw in the world for, you know, three times that. But every time you touch it, everything you work on will be better, not because the machine is doing the work, but because you’re doing the work with the right tool.

Seth Godin on Cool Tools Episode 265 with Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder

So true. And if you’re looking for useful and enjoyable tool recommendations, Cool Tools is the right tool for the job. Recommend.

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