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Design Matters (17): Elevator Control Panel Nightmares

The enormous crocodile is being knocked over by Humpy Rumpy the hippo. "Help, Stop, where am I?"

“Ow-eee!” cried the Crocodile. “Help! Stop! Where am I?”

Roald Dahl – The Enormous Crocodile [amazon]

Is this the world’s worst elevator control panel?

As an untrained user of elevators, it seems to me that you want three basic things from an elevator control panel:

  • Tell me what my choices are.
  • Allow me to signal my choice.
  • Confirm my choice by some feedback so I will not fret.

Is that so hard?

Here is what I have learned:

  • Yes, apparently that is too hard…
John J Bartholdi III

John J. Bartholdi III has collected a treasure trove of delightfully terrible elevator panels with detailed commentary here. Recommended.

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