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Design Matters (16): Singapore MRT maps

These three maps in slightly different positions in Singapore’s Orchard MRT station are all orientated correctly according to the point of view of the user. (With apologies for the skewed perspective of my photos)

In each case, if an exit was, say, behind you on the map, it was behind you in the actual station.

The first two maps were on opposite sides of the same information panel (i.e. facing in opposite directions), the third in a different part of the station.


  • The compass orientation, top right;
  • The well labelled exits, buildings and streets;
  • The indicative “10 minute walk” circle.

It’s as if someone is deliberately trying to help you get where you are going.

Even at this fine-grained level, design matters.

It’s just a shame it was so easy to get lost where the station merged seamlessly into a shopping mall.

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