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Buses. Waves. Bicycles.

Getting the right bus can save a lot of time: you might be able to go direct or make an earlier connection, you might have a shorter layover or better traffic.

So running to catch the bus can be worth it. You’ll work harder, run at a pace that you can’t sustain – but if you catch the bus, it’s worth it.

It’s true for waves too: paddle hard, get to the right spot at the right time and you can enjoy a huge amount of free energy.

But if you want to surf all day* you can’t paddle like mad for every wave. You need to become a hunter, get in the right place early, develop the judgement that allows you – more often than not – to catch them with ease. Like this.

And something’s wrong if you fund yourself running for every bus you take. No-one wants to wait around at the bus stop of course – it’s enough just to be there on time. If you know when the bus is coming, leave home in good time. This means starting to get ready on time too of course.

If you must be late, run early and finish at a stroll. But if you’re clambering onto the bus, sweaty and exhausted every single time – make some changes.

For example, you could buy a bike.

*I do, but I can’t

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