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This ‘metaCroc’ post is part of a series recording the growth (or shrinkage) of DriverlessCrocodile in the spirit of experiment and in case the information is interesting to someone (else).

DC hit 20k views late in the evening yesterday, 21st April 2021. The last 5k went like this:

16k on 28 Jan 2021 (20 days, 50 views/day)

17k on 17th Feb (19 days, 52 views/day)

18k on 10th March (21 days, 47 views/day)

19K on Sat 2nd April (24 days, 42 views/day)

20k on Weds 21st April (19 days, 52 views/day)

Overall 104 days from 8th Jan 2021 to 21st April, or an average of 48 views / day

The previous 5k views took 108 days, for an average of 46 views a day thanks to a good November.

Thanks as ever for coming!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...