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1000 days

Today marks 1000 consecutive days of posts on DriverlessCroc – very nearly coinciding with the 20,000th page view.

It started with 100 days then went a bit longer. I think the last 1000 days have borne out the principles of the low bar, of quality as a function of quantity (embracing the freedom that comes from accepting the fact that 50% of what I write will be below average), and of writing for people who like this sort of thing. I’m happy to have got this far. I’ve learnt a lot, being a drop in the internet has been a lot of fun, and I hope that some of the people who came found it useful.

This post should probably include some kind of tribute to the generous work of Seth Godin, who’s been highlighting the benefits of blogging daily for a long time and was the reason I started, as well as to long-suffering family and faithful readers. Thank you.

The next 1000 days will look a bit different. I plan to experiment with dropping the daily rhythm of publishing posts (but not of writing and working on DC), and to spend the extra time on going a bit deeper in posts and making what’s already here more accessible, as well as making some space for other projects. Who knows, I might even manage that Bookadile.

Onwards and upwards!

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