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OpenAI Codex; or, why you might not want to go all in on becoming a full-stack developer

It makes sense that one of the jobs most amenable to automation by AI must be computer programming itself. For all their complicated (as opposed to complex) electronics, the inside of a computer is a kind learning environment: all of the inputs and most of the outputs are entirely machine readable and predictably related.

OpenAI Codex looks well on the way to making the automation of programming a reality – check out the videos below. The user experience looks akin to standing behind a colleague at a computer terminal: “Make it a bit smaller and move it to the left a bit.” “Make it explode on contact.” “Can I get the icon in cornflower blue?

Writing actual code is going to matter less. The ability to find good problems and the will and skill to find ways to solve them will matter more. We’re all designers now.

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