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New tools for your industry

We’re beginning to penetrate architecture and engineering and the auto design world and aerospace and other markets where they need extremely high fidelity tools.

So we can take things that might have taken hours or days to render and do it in 1/60th of a second. Things that were a solo experience as a social experience. Things that don’t move do move.

And that’s driven by the ever increasing power of multi-core CPUs, multi-core GPUs, faster network times, faster internet, more bandwidth and things like 5G and other technologies.

As those things mature, industry after industry is going to shift to real-time 3D for content creation and dissemination. It astonishes me that most car configurators [sic.] in the world today, by way of example, they take the twelve colours they make the car in and they drive it into a warehouse and take hundreds of photographs. And when you make the selection, you’re picking the one photo from the angle they took it … That’s an insanely inefficient thing to do. And to render them photo-realistic is better, faster, cheaper, with more options available to it, and that’s a cloud service.

We recently released a product called Unity Reflect. It allows you to look through your Android or iOS device, to hold it up, and the architect that might be in the head office a hundred or a thousand miles away to see what he or she sees in the BIM data:”Is the pipe really where they say it is, do I need to move it?”

And it dramatically shortens the cycle from something that involved marking up a piece of paper and dropping it in a tube to go to the bottom of the construction site to be couriered or flown to another location – to solving these problems in real time, in the moment. Which saves an enormous amount of money. And we’re now working with the auto industry, aerospace industry, so many industries are going to move from traditional tools to more advanced tools. Not only is it better, faster, cheaper, but you can apply the new data algorithms around AI and machine learning to these models and vastly improve the outcomes.

We’re revolutionising how they create and distribute content.

John Riccitiello on What’s Next in Gaming? on the a16z podcast

The change we’ve seen so far is probably just the start. How will this affect what you do?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...