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Eye on AI: Shy Kids, airhead slot machine

The short film below was made entirely by OpenAI’s Sora people putting a lot of hard work and ideas into Open AI’s SORA.

SORA is in development and is actively being improved through feedback from teams such as Shy Kids, but here is how it currently works. It is important to appreciate that SORA is effective almost pre-alpha. It has not been released nor is it in beta.

“Getting to play with it was very interesting,” Patrick comments. “It’s a very, very powerful tool that we’re already dreaming up all the ways it can slot into our existing process. But I think with any generative AI tool; control is still the thing that is the most desirable and also the most elusive at this point.”

“You can go into those larger keyframes and start adjusting information based on changes you want generated.” Parick explains, “There’s a little bit of temporal control about where these different actions happen in the actual generation, but it’s not precise… it’s kind of a shot in the dark – like a slot machine – as to whether or not it actually accomplishes those things at this point.” Of course, Shy Kids were working with the earliest of prototypes, and SORA is still constantly being worked on.

FXguide: Actually Using SORA

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