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People stuff

It helps if you…

  • Have a track record with someone
  • Share goals
  • Have a similar work ethic
  • Have enough experience to have some perspective
  • Are doing okay (aren’t desperate; can [let them] leave)
  • Listen
  • Always have something good to say
  • Know who’s doing what
  • Keep promises
  • Share the assumption that you’re committed to the work, to doing it well, and to doing it together
  • Assume the best
  • Have someone you can talk to who gets it
  • Achieve more together than apart
  • Like people
  • Want to do the right thing because you care (rather than because it’s the policy or the law)
  • Know what you’re doing
  • Have teammates who can offer a different perspective
  • Are the opposite of touchy
  • Can be clear about what you need, and what needs to change
  • That is, do difficult conversations well
  • Are sufficiently tactful
  • Enjoy working together
  • Want to fix things that are broken

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