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Worse than this change

Change – especially change that feels beyond our control – is often unsettling.

Will things ever be this good again?

When people talk about change being the only constant,* it isn’t just change in the world around us and in the culture that we’re talking about: at an individual level, change is written into our DNA. The clock is ticking.

Which isn’t necessarily very reassuring.

It can help to imagine the alternative: a world where culture, environment, people, and projects didn’t change. How would things be then?

So we reach a set of questions about the direction of change that we’re working towards, about managing the pace of change around us, and most crucially about our feelings towards the changes that we face, and the stories we tell ourselves and others (consciously or unconciously) that shape those feelings, that understanding of pace, and our sense of direction.

*I’m sure there are others.

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