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Doing, being and becoming

  1. If we are what we do,* then doing something different will change who you are.
  2. Working for change requires that you do new and different things.
  3. So as you work for change, you will become someone else.
  • Who will you become? How will this work make you and shape you?
  • On the flipside, who do do you need to become in order to make the change you seek?
  • Who will support you?
  • Who will resist the changes (Are they important? Are they right?)
  • Who is changing with you?
  • Is this what you want?
  • How will you feel about all the things that you’ve done if you fail?

It may be helpful to remember that not changing is not an option.

*With apologies for the oversimplification... but Aristotle and Jesus taught something like it, so that’s a start.

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