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Yardstick: more capacity

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or that progress is slow, it may help to look back at last year, when you probably felt the same.

A good question to ask is “How much capacity do we have now, compared with this time last year?”

Ultimately, this question is about contribution and impact – are you getting more done, to a better standard, and with better results?

But look also at the available inputs:

  • People and their skills
  • Relationships inside and outside the organisation
  • Your reputation and wider network
  • Processes and systems that enable you to get more done with the same or less effort
  • Money and physical resources

If your capacity is growing – if you’re doing more with the same or less resources or effort, if you have more good people working on the right things with increasing independence – you’re probably on the right track.

If it’s not – if you find yourself with fewer resources, fewer good people and partners, working harder but achieving less – it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Most of all, it’s time to find friends and champions.

2 thoughts on “Yardstick: more capacity”

  1. Such a simple question/observation but one I haven’t done before in this way. What a great way to do an end-of-year review with a team!

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