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Vanishing time

Have a look at your calendar for the month ahead. Observe its gentle slopes and rolling plains. Time. Space. Empty air.

Enjoy the illusion: the days ahead will never – ever – be this free by the time you reach them. Those foothills will remain distant, blue remembered hills, just beyond the present; those plains elusive as gazelles.

In their place will grow a village or town or city, full of people, things to do, necessities and distractions good and bad. The present.

The question is not whether the time will be spent (it must be), or full (it will seem it), but what it will be spent on, and who will fill it.

Have a look at your calendar for the month ahead. Decide what kind of place you want to live in. Try to go there.

1 thought on “Vanishing time”

  1. Really good to have words to put to what I feel like looking at Jan and Feb! Getting those rocks into the diary is so key and has totally changed how I live. Great to think about it this way. thanks!

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