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The money game

It’s one of life’s deep ironies that if you want to work for love, you’re going to need a source of money.

You might live on beans to make the most of a small income, or come into an inheritance, or work your way through your savings, or find like-minded patrons for your work, or even actually earn a living and be clear that your project is a hobby – whatever.

These seem to be the rules:

  • Even if you don’t like money, you’re going to need some (even if it turns out to be someone else’s);
  • Your life is probably going to get more expensive than it is now;
  • Growing your project – the thing you do for love – will probably also take more money than you think. Scaleable, sustainable growth means growth that pays for itself.
  • Starting small, starting early, and building consistently is usually the best approach for both projects and investments;
  • You need to be careful about the distorting influence of money on your life, but neglecting to think about money or living in denial about the role it plays is likely to create worse and more painful distortions.

Someone, somewhere, always pays.

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