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Janus (2): DC stats 2020

DC visits year-on-year

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(6 months)

2021 projections

As of today, DC is a little short of 15,000 all-time views (14,833).

Another year’s worth of traffic at the 2020 average of 30.7 view per day would add a further 11,200; continuing at the last quarter’s average of 47.5 views per day would see a further 17,300 views; a doubling of visits to 61 views/day would mean 22,300 visits in the year.

I expect some growth – average 50/ day for 2021 seems plausible – with peaks and troughs, but a repeat of the growth through 2020 (from an average of 7 views/day in January to 56/day in November) seems unlikely. I’d be delighted to average 80 views/day for the last quarter of 2021.

Onwards and upwards!

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