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Discounting the future less

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In the absence of a conveniently pithy definition from elsewhere on the internet, to discount the future means to place a lower value on (apply a ‘discount rate’ to) future assets, including our own time.

For example, we’re often more likely to make a commitment to do something a month from now than we would be to make the same commitment if it was later this week, because an extra hour or two tomorrow feels more precious than an extra couple of hours next month.

There are some good reasons for discounting the future (about which more in a future post), but for now here are two benefits to be gained by doing it less:

1)  The Tautologous Miracle: committing to fewer things in future should mean that you will be less busy when you get there;

2) The Eisenhower Apotheosis: being less busy will mean you have more time to do the important-but-non-urgent things that keep your life running smoothly*, resulting in you having fewer em-urgencies, causing you to be (or at least to feel) less busy.

Make it so.

*Leaving aside for a moment the question as to whether you will actually do those important things.

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