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Choosing to stop or choosing to continue

I’ve been spending more time on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and even normal phone calls (imagine!) than normal over the past week.

A few times my meetings have bumped up against Zoom’s 40 minute limit for free accounts, where meetings of more than two people need to stop and reconnect when the time runs out.

This has been a frustrating niggle at times – and maybe I’ll go pro in the end – but the upside of this fixed but workaroundable limit has been a shift in mindset from a default to “talk until we’re finished” in the absence of hard time limits to “let’s stop talking when the time runs out”.

Sometimes it’s worth just keeping going, but often (especially in the face of our inevitable tendency to discount the future) sticking to a pre-determined “let’s stop here” is better.

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