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Ahead of the day

It’s a wonderful feeling to be ahead of the day.

Up early, time to spare, space to think, an open road ahead where you’ll get stuff done with clear-headed poise.

And yet…

There’s a danger here:

  1. In how quickly twenty minutes early becomes ten minutes late;
  2. In how the couple of things you can just fit in spill over and see you playing catch-up for the rest of the day;
  3. In how that chapter of a book, article, video or feed you dipped leisurely into draws you in and (O Odysseus) you find it very hard to leave.
  4. In how disruptive it is to your equilibrium when the extra time you thought you had is spirited away by an unexpected visitor or an early guest.

The solution

The solution is simple: leave out that last bit of leisure. Start your actual work at least five minutes early, with permission, if you want it, to finish five minutes early and read an extra chapter then.

1 thought on “Ahead of the day”

  1. Very perceptive, thanks. I do this a lot and yes just push it that little bit too far and then am behind. Did it this morning an was in a huge rush for work!

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