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… views of DriverlessCroc as of 2nd September 2020.

That’s 1000 views in almost exactly a month, with an average of 32 views per day in August and the best ever “normal” month (with no particular promotions or spikes via twitter).

There were five days above 40 views, with an unusually high high of 95 and a low of 14. Overall this is encouraging organic growth.

The most popular posts were:

  1. David Epstein on Kind and Wicked Learning Environments (226 views)
  2. Mission statement example: Airbnb (107 views)
  3. Tyler Cowen on reading fast, reading well and reading widely (54 views)
  4. Matt Ridley: invention vs innovation (35 views)

The next milestone is a steady 250 views per week (I expect things to drop off next month, i.e. regress to the mean a bit).

In November 2019, at 3000ish views, I wrote:

If this continues (no assumptions) and we continue to gain three additional visits per day every three months or so, then I’d expect to reach 4,000 views in about another three months – say, mid-February 2020.

If that continued, we might hit 5,000 views in a little over two months – say, by the end of April 2020.

There’s a question about what happens to traffic at that point – will growth slow down (because not that many people are interested, or because to catch double the traffic you need a net twice the size), or will there be a positive feedback loop (more traffic breeds better search results and more referrals, creating a better net)?

I have no idea, which is why I’m resisting the temptation to spend too long calculating when DC might hit 10,000 views (Christmas 2020?) – but I thought it might be interesting to record some projections to make explicit what might be happening, and see how well they hold up.

DC was a bit slow to hit 5000 posts – but it looks like Christmas might come early.

As always, thanks for coming.

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