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Special Forces, Elite Performance and Your Team (1)

You and your team are not the special forces.* You are not a skydiving team, a cycling team, or the inner circle or a presidential campaign. You’re not The Beatles.

You’re not a bunch of desperate survivors. You’re not lost in the rainforest, and you’re not the crew of Apollo 13.

You’re not Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Elon Musk.

Your organisation isn’t Google, or Amazon, or Slack.

It’s more likely that your organisation is the administrative equivalent of a middle-of-the-bottom-league mixed amateur rugby team.**

Some of you are pretty good, but it’s a low average. There are moments of flair*** and embarrassing fumbles. There are bursts of energy and intermittent back pain. There is commitment from some, but the over-30s are starting to have other things on their minds.****

It’s unlikely that advice from the SAS or the Navy Seals, from Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, from Bear Grylls or the NFL is really going to scratch where your team itches.

So what will?

*Unless you actually are. If you are, I’d love to know how this post holds up.
**Insert locally contextualised sporting analogy here.
***Perhaps from an improbably-shaped magician.
****The over-40s are wishing they could find their minds under all the other things.

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