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Some questions

Who for?

Who will you serve? What do you think they need, what do they want, and what story will you tell to align the two with what you offer? What contextual factors and wider systems do you need to take into account?

How far?

Which pieces of the puzzle will you take responsibility for? What will you do to get people through the door – and help them stay? Where does your product or service begin, and where does it end? When and how do people leave, and what do they do next that couldn’t do before? How fast will you do this? How long will you do it for? What would make your stop?

Who with?

Who do you need on the bus? Who are your core team members, partners and champions? Which outside services will you rely on, and what will make them want to work with you? Will your clients/users/customers be involved in shaping or running your programs or products?

Who pays?

There’s no such thing as free – who pays the time, money and effort necessary to make this thing happen? (It could be you!) How will this affect how you work, who you’re accountable to, and the level of administration and bureaucracy required to keep the show on the road?

What’s next?

Which three things, if you achieved them, would make the biggest difference to your long term results? Do those things.

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