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Ordinary people. Good work.

Good to Great is all well and good, but what about Pretty Good to Very Good?

I’ve been mulling over the DC podcast and this is what I’m going to focus on: ordinary people doing good (and important) work.

Not multi-million pound-dollar businesses and organisations, but those working with tens or hundreds of thousands.

Not companies boasting world-class-execution-across-the-board, but individuals who are very-good-at-a-few-things with (if we’re honest) patches of mediocrity and plenty of room for improvement.

Not role models glimpsed as they soar through the stratosphere, but peer models who can share something that they’re good at and what’s worked for them, as well where they feel they’re falling down, and start some conversations.

The people I have in mind are a different set of elite performer – people who do work that they think is important and do it well, who buy their own stationary, wash their own dishes, and pay for their own mistakes.

Ordinary people. Like us.

2 thoughts on “Ordinary people. Good work.”

  1. Brilliant. Love this. I often think this when I read books like GtG (which is amazing of course)…that describes something I haven’t (yet?) attained, and therefore seems a little other-worldish. Looking forward to hearing more on the podcast and keep up the good work on these blog posts!

    1. Cheers bro – appreciate the encouragement and look forward to another post from you on here when you’re ready : )

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