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No mistakes. No regrets. (1)


As in, what kind of godlike, super-mega-ultra-lightning babe do you think you are? Of course you will make mistakes, and regret making some of them.

New mistakes

… are utterly essential to progress. Of course it’s foolish to seek to make mistakes – but we must consistently seek situations and opportunities in which we’ll make them. It’s not enough to be theoretically open to new situations – we need to make sure that we regularly put ourselves in them. I’m not talking about taking outrageous risks and burning our bridges – that’s almost always foolish – but most of us are in far greater danger of wrapping ourselves in cotton wool… and suffocating.

Old mistakes

Mistakes that you’ve already made are not repeated. It’s fine to regret making them (for a while), as much as it helps you to learn from them and move on.

It might be that what looks like an old mistake is actually a new, higher-level mistake. You might forget your password, then make a system to fix that problem… and then neglect to apply your own system. Different mistakes, same outcome. It helps to be clear about what kind of mistake you’ve made in order to know how to fix it.

Coming tomorrow: Mistakes of technique, mistakes of tactics and strategy, and mistakes of character.

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