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Which “better”?

More accessible

Disruptive Innovations are NOT breakthrough technologies that make good products better; rather they are innovations that make products and services more accessible and affordable, thereby making them available to a larger population.

Christensen Institute

Could you make it…

  • … cheaper?
  • … easier to discover?
  • … easier to find out more about?
  • … easier to get hold of?
  • … less intimidating?
  • … more predictable (where desireable)

More enjoyable

Making a train service 20% faster might cost hundreds of millions. But making it 20% more enjoyable might cost almost nothing.

Rory SutherlandAlchemy

How about….

  • … more enjoyable?
  • … more fun?
  • … more sociable?
  • … funnier?
  • … more attractive?
  • .. more pleasantly surprising?
  • … more meaningful?
  • … more generous?

Which bits?

Of course, this applies to all aspects of your organisation:

  • The first things people hear about you
  • First-contact customer or user experience
  • Orienting and training staff
  • Buying your products or services
  • Receiving and using what they’ve paid for
  • Customer assistance and service
  • The atmosphere in your office
  • Team meetings

“Better” is pretty much unlimited in all directions. Which ones will best help you achieve your aims?

Which “better” will you choose?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...