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DriverlessCrocolutions 2019: Update 1

Disclaimer: I’m writing this as a note to self, and for anyone interested in the process. If that’s not you – then it’s not for you.

Lots happened in January and I didn’t manage to get down to specifics with my new year’s resolutions for DriverlessCroc.

For those who came in latehere’s an out-of-order review of my DC-related goals:

Resolution 7: Work on these goals in 12 week chunks

Achievable right now – by chunking the other goals, then executing on the plan. Using the ‘12 Week Year‘ approach, my twelve week years will run:

1: Tuesday 1st January – Monday 25th March
2: Tuesday 26th March – Monday 17th June
Two grace weeks Tuesday 18th June – Monday 1st July
3: Tuesday 2nd July – Monday 23rd September
4: Tuesday 17th September – Monday 16th December
Two grace weeks Tues 18th December – Tues December 31st

Resolution 1: Keep it up. 600 posts on DC by the end of 2019**, with enough of a frontlog to set it and forget it for a couple of holidays.

12 weeks is 84 days. DC has 220 posts live, with 330 days left until the end of the year. A post a day will leave me 50 posts short of 600… That’s about 15 extra posts per 12 weeks… so I’ll need to average eight and a bit posts a week.


  • March 25th: 284 posts
  • June 17th: 380
  • September 23rd: 490
  • December 16th: 586

Resolution 2. Hit the reading list.

No worries here. I’m about two-and-a-half books in out of nine (The Inevitable, This is Marketing, half of Leveraged Learning and some of 4 Disciplines of Execution). This doesn’t need targets, just periodic checkups.

3. Podcast: an initial series of five episodes – starting with with a decent spec***.

Spec – check.

Other targets:

By March 25th:  1 episode – hitting this will need a big push in the first 12 weeks
By June 17th: 2 more episodes
By September 23rd:  2 more Episodes
Final Furlong: Review / rest on laurels.

Goal 4. A DC redesign.

This can wait until ‘Year’ 2 – 26th March onwards.

5. Pull key threads from posts into a more structured set of how-to articles.

By March 25th: Write an overview post
By June 17th: Write individual posts as part of the redesign.

6. Make connections with people who do similar work to me and/or find some of the ideas here helpful.

By March 25th:  Decide about running a workshop in the summer.

Summary: to do before 25th March:

  1. Hit 284 posts
  2. Have one full episode of the podcast up
  3. Write an overview post drawing together key threads from DC
  4. Decide about that workshop

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...