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The Toolkit – Part 1: Foundations (13) – blood and bone

This post is part of the working draft of the DriverlessCrocodile Toolkit (read more here). I’d love comments, links to resources related to the theme, and original contributions.

If you’ve worked through a process of defining your values, vision, mission, and core activities, you’re just about ready to set some more specific goals and do some actual work.

You’ll probably start by spending a majority of your time working directly on your core activities – setting goals, developing process, making products.

But as your project and your team – grows, you’ll find that a whole load of secondary activity grows with it: stuff like financial management, fundraising, managing teams, running offices and computers.

These things are secondary and administrative in nature, and it’s tempting to view them as distractions that take your time away from “doing the work” – and you’d be partly right. But if you go much longer and grow much more you’ll come to see that they are secondary in the sense that the circulation of blood and the strength of your bones are secondary to your quality of life as a person: you won’t do very well without them, and you won’t do it for very long.

The next sections of the DC toolkit map out the most important things you need to have a handle on, with links to resources of all shapes, sizes and cost.

More soon.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...