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The DriverlessBookodile roadmap

One my my 2019 resolutions was to completely re-order DriverlessCrocodile and make it easier to find stuff by theme.

I’d also like to collect the best insights and resources together in a series of five-minute pages that just might work together as chapters in a very short (but very helpful) ebook* and companion limited podcast series.

This is proving very hard to do as well as keeping on top of daily posts, but I have a plan: the first part of the book will be written in installments here (so far, so Charles Dickens and the Serial Novel).

The differences will be:

  1. I won’t be paid by the word, so I’ll keep it short.
  2. I’d welcome – love – comments and feedback as I go. Everyone who comments during writing will receive an honourable mention in the final Bookodile.
  3. I’d welcome – love even more – contributions under each theme. Contributions could be recommended resources (see next post about the draft chapter structure / spec), seeds-of-riffs that you think I should write on, fully-fledged candidate paragraphs on the theme, or bigger-picture ideas for how to make the thing better. Everyone who contributes will be credited as a contributor, and anyone who contributes something that makes it into the final version of the book will be honoured in a special way (probably an in-chapter credit and maybe that driverlesscroc t-shirt I’ve been meaning to have made) and perhaps the option of recording your own segment of the podcast when the time comes.

And that’s the MVP of the roadmap. Call it Dickens and Tolstoy meet Osterwalder and Pigneur meets CafePress meets DriverlessCrocodiles.

DriverlessBookadile is officially open for comments below.

Let’s go!

*Don’t hold your breath for the coffee table edition

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