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MetaCroc: 50k; New Rhythms

This post is part of a series recording the growth (or shrinkage) of DriverlessCrocodile in the spirit of experiment, and in case the information is useful to future archeologists of the internet...

DriverlessCroc hit 50,000 page views yesterday, 17th December 2021. My last MetaCroc post was at 20k views, on 21st April. The plan was to update every 10k views, but then the Tyler Cowen Effect happened, and here we are.

Until then, DC had been running at about 48 page views / day. The most recent milestones look something like this:

21k on 9th May 2021
22k on 31 May 2021
23k on 22nd June 2021
24k on 19th July 2021
25k on 12th August 2021
26k on 2nd September 2021

40k 17th September 2021
50k 17th December 2021

The last 10,000 views took 91 days, about 110 views per day, but the current average is more like 65.

New Rhythms

After the DC Christmas break I’m planning to experiment with cutting down to three posts per week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) so that I have a bit more time for:

  • Writing in more depth;
  • Working on a long overdue redesign and reorganisation of DC (suggestions welcome);
  • Finishing (or killing) the mythical DriverlessBookadile;
  • Writing and creative experiments to do with my fantastic day job;
  • A return to doing a bit more ethnographic writing;
  • Playing at writing comics, or Jakarta-based science fiction;
  • Divers Other Projekts and Experimentes .

As always, with all of it, “this might not work.”

Thanks as ever for coming!

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I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...