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Margo Aaron on Copywriting: Right Person, Right Copy

I was a clipboard person… for registering people to vote. And one of the things you learn when you do this is that you’re actually in sales. And you have to try different things because people don’t want to hear from you. People are going about their day, walking along, not really thinking about the thing that you’re thinking about, so in some ways it’s interruptive. But you want to try different ways in, because you know that for every X amount of people who walk by, someone… needs help to register to vote, and the actually want someone to do it for [them].

So that’s what I think when I think about copy… we don’t want to bother people. That’s what it looks like when you’re a clipboard person. But to the right person who’s walking by, who actually has the need that you solve? They’re grateful they came across you.

And so we weren’t looking to try and register every person on the street to vote. We were looking to register people who needed registering and wanted help. And so with that person in my mind, I tried to think of different ways to approach them…

Margo Aaron – Copywriting that Works (Facebook live discussion)

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