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Front foot (1)

It’s good to be on the front foot – to know where you’re going, to be moving things in the right direction, to be proactive, to be setting the terms.

We sometimes find ourselves on the front foot due to luck and circumstance – but being there consistently and staying there takes thought and preparation.

There’s the long term discipline of understanding and articulating your values so that you know where you stand, where you will and won’t go.

There’s the preparedness that comes from having a clear vision and mission that enables you to specialise and position your organisation, and keeps you focused.

There’s the broad, general learning – the hinterland of ideas – that helps you see what’s possible and to recognise possibilities and pathways to achieving your goals.

Then there’s the effectiveness and efficiency that keeps you on the ball, knowing the right information, able to ask – and answer – the right questions.

There’s the front-foot assurance that comes from knowing you can do your job well and from being able to communicate clearly and appropriately with those you meet.

And last – and it makes a huge difference – is the preparation we can do immediately before we need to perform, making sure we’re mentally ready for the meeting or phone call, taking a few minutes to get your head in the game, and starting with a plan that puts your best foot forward, and keeps you on it.

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