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Design Matters (12): IKEA Detergent Bottle

Tall But Perfectly Formed

“Who needs a specialist dispenser for dish soap?”

To my surprise it turned out that I did.

This bottle:

  • Has a small footprint…
  • …but a low enough centre of gravity to be stable;
  • Is large enough to only need occasional refilling…
  • … partly because you use less soap than with a normal bottle, because even three pumps* of soap from this is less than you get when you over-squeeze;
  • Has a spout long enough to get soap into any dish with precision…
  • … made so well that it never drips;
  • Delivers detergent consistently well right down the bottom of the bottle;
  • Is a colour that wears general kitchen splashes well;
  • Let’s you know how big it is for when you refill it;
  • Doesn’t break easily if dropped;
  • Is very affordable;
  • Dispenses a tiny dose of satisfaction-with-life with every pump.

And so a job that gets done three times a day under ideal circumstances gets a bit easier, and a bit more likely to be done.

*The designers must have recognised that everyone was going to pump at least twice

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