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When you come to our event…

… assuming that you are the sort of person that likes this sort of thing, then:

  • It will be for you and not for us*
  • It will have a clear purpose…**
  • … and we’ll make sure that we communicate what it is…
  • … and do our best to act in line with it…
  • … and hope you’ll agree that it’s important.
  • We’ll administrate things well
  • We’ll tell you what you need to know ahead of time (in good time)
  • You’ll know what’s supposed to be happening and when***
  • We’ll know who’s doing what
  • We’ll present well
  • We’ll stay focused
  • You will feel that you got a generous portion – more than you paid for
  • We’ll keep to time…
  • … because we respect you…
  • … and we’ve done the hard work of getting rid of the many good ideas that didn’t fit…
  • … and because we’ve built in enough slack to allow for the unexpected.
  • We will show up with energy…
  • … and do things that help you to show up.
  • You will be actively involved
  • You may need to work hard, but it will be fun, and it will be worth it
  • You will take away things that you can use
  • Things will be well structured/made/designed…
  • … but we won’t be too precious…
  • … and we will never do things just for show.
  • We will never do things just to fill the time
  • You shouldn’t find yourself having to do something that’s just totally unreasonable****
  • There will be a sense of momentum…
  • … but you won’t feel hassled or rushed
  • We will be available to talk to you
  • We will have spare pens
  • Some things will go wrong, but we’ll all be okay with that, because of all of this
  • We will ask you, and ask ourselves, how we can make it better…
  • … and next time, it will be
  • You’ll be glad you came

What have I missed?

*Okay, it’s a bit for us, because this is what we love to do. But it’s really for you.
**Although there will be a degree of idiosyncracy and interesting marginalia
***Apart from when you’re not supposed to know

****But if you do it’s because it’s unavoidableand we’ll tell you why, and we’ll empathise

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