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“She brings others with her.”

THIS is what you’re looking for as you build your product or program: users/customers/participants who will not only buy what you have to offer*, but will tell the others. These are the people who will help the idea spread.

To find these people you’ll need…

  • To have something that’s worth using and worth talking about (the more remarkable the better);
  • To find ways to get it in front of enough people who like it that you find a few of the people who’ll bring others (this might be one-in-ten or one-in-a-hundred).

It will help if you also…

  • Do things to make your thing easier to share and talk about;
  • Are on the look out for these people, and pay attention when you see them in action;
  • Think carefully about how you can bring them closer into the fold when you do…
  • … while being careful not to overwhelm them with your enthusiasm.

Hat-tip: A.N.

*Even if only with time and effort.

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