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Peter Senge on apathy, compliance, enrollment and commitment

Apathy: Neither for nor against vision. No interest. No energy. “Is it five o’clock yet?”

Noncompliance: Does not see benefits of vision and will not do what’s expected. “I won’t do it; you can’t make me.”

Grudging compliance: Does not see the benefits of the vision. But, also, does not want to lose job. Does enough of what’s expected because he has to, but also lets it be known that he is not really on board.

Formal compliance: On the whole, sees the benefits of the vision. Does what’s expected and no more. “Pretty good soldier.”

Genuine compliance: Sees the benefits of the vision. Does everything expected and more. Follows the “letter of the law.” “Good soldier.”

Enrollment: Wants it. Will do whatever can be done within the “spirit of the law.

Commitment: Wants it. Will make it happen. Creates whatever “laws” (structures) are needed.

Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization

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