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Better with age

If you’re building skills, assets and relationships, making a generous contribution, doing work that matters for people who care… You should expect to get better with age.

The longer you’ve been working the larger, more influential and more connected your body of work becomes.

The faster the world changes, the more valuable your longer term perspective.

The faster people come and go, the greater the leverage you gain from stability and long-standing relationships of trust.

The more frivel and fluff there is, the more valuable your (only slightly curmudgeonly) discernment.

The faster everyone talks, the more enigmatic and distinguished your (only slightly baffled) reserve appears.

Be cheese. Be wine. Be whisky. Be an olive tree. A giant redwood. A turtle. A venerable crocodile.

One day, shortly after you’re forced to retire, you’ll make a lovely purse.

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