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Thoughts of the week (three for one)

Three things that have stood out to me this week:

  • The huge importance of talking to people in general, and of talking to the right people about what you do in particular. More conversations means more ideas, more possible connections now and far more possible intersections and opportunities in future.
  • Annie Duke on Thinking in Bets – I’d already come to recognise the difference between a good decision and good outcomes, but she’s got me thinking much more about how often I fall into the trap of resulting and hindsight bias, and the importance of recognising the opportunity cost of what I’m currently doing – that is, the alternative futures good or bad that I may be discarding or avoiding.
  • The amazing difference between colleagues who are pushing things forward, taking responsibility, and come to me saying “I’ve done this, we need to do this, and I’d like your help with this,” and those who often don’t make it to “What should I do?”

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...