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Resource: Podcasting with Zencastr and Descript

Here are two useful looking (review pending) podcasting tools worth checking out:

Zencastr for recording phone interviews

Zencastr works like a replacement for Skype or Whatsapp (or hangouts or facetime) when you want to get a high quality recording of the conversation.

You and your victim install it, make a connection within the app, press record and have your call. Zencastr records high-quality audio locally for each of you, which you can then combine to avoid all of the call quality issues that still intermittently plague my internet phone calls.

Better still, they have a really generous “Hobbyist” plan that’s completely free that allows you to record up to two guests for 8 hours per month. You have to pay for post production and higher quality .WAV sound files but this is an amazing offer, and one I’m going to be checking out soon.

Descript for… everything else?

I heard Descript mentioned on a16z podcast episode 500, which was an episode about podcasting. It would seem that Descript does… everything apart from what Zencastr does.

The amazing thing is the ability to edit audio (and video) by editing the automatically generated transcript.

Here’s one thing that could mean:

You can have it free without AI transcription, but that looks like missing the point to me. With transcription it’s $10 per month. Check out the rather endearing video below.

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