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Resource: a16z podcast with Matt Abrahams on moderating talks, panels, meetings and more

This interview with Sonal Chokshi and Matt Abrahams is a useful listen. It’s loaded with specific techniques for presenting and for moderating discussions, whether in-person or online. They cover things like:

  • Good meeting preparation and post-interview follow-up for different types of meeting;
  • Thinking about the feelings you’re hoping to encourage in your audience as much as the information you’re hoping will be imparted;
  • Using paraphrasing to interrupt tangents and redirect conversations;
  • Bridging and linking between panelists to move things forward;
  • The use of visual, vocal and verbal techniques to create presence;
  • Doing eye-contact in virtual meetings;
  • Using cadence and well-placed adjectives to make your voice more engaging;
  • Handling (but not trying to eliminate) verbal ticks;
  • Reducing the use of qualifiers like “I think”.

And many more!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...